Travel Destinations in Busuanga, Philippines

Busuanga, Philippines

Riding in a 20-seater small airplane to the island of Busuanga may be a harrowing experience for some but the beauty of this hidden gem in North Palawan makes the trip worthwhile.

From Busuanga airport, you take a short ride to the port where a boat can take you to any of your chosen resort in Coron.  Even the boat ride is an unforgettable experience as you zip through the water and view the majestic towering islands.

Home to a number of Japanese ships that went down during World War 2, Coron is a diver’s paradise and it’s no surprise that you’d see diving boat tours all over the vast blue ocean.  Even snorkelers can view a Japanese gunboat near the mainland where it sank.

Treasure Island

This deserted island has a stretch of fine white sand and can only be reached by boat.  No resorts here but just strictly for lazing the day away.

Mount Tapyas

In the mainland, you can go up the 762 steps up Mount Tapyas where a huge cross made of metal trusses marks the summit.  Be in awe of the beauty of Busuanga atop this mountain.

Maquinit Health Springs

Known for its health benefits, enjoy a soak in the hot springs of Maquinit.  This natural hot springs is best for relaxation after a tiresome workout climbing the summit of Mount Tapyas.

Black Mountain and Twin Lagoon

The abundance of limestone in the Black Mountain gives this ominous mountain its ebony-color.  This mountain is entrance to the Twin Lagoon which can only be reached by kayaking through a very low entrance — even then you’d have to lie down a bit in your kayak.  The salt and fresh water mixes in this area creating an oily effect and also causes the water to be cold on the surface and warm underneath.  There’s also a beach around the mountain where you can soak in the sun for the rest of the day. 

Siete Pecados

Siete Pecados or 7 Islets in English is home to a vast display of corals in Coron.  The corals are simply everywhere and even while kayaking you can see them right through the water — it’s that crystal clear!  So be careful when you maneuver your canoe over these precious corals.  Your paddle can be a deadly weapon!  Also, enjoy the underwater display of colorful fishes and sea urchins!

Pearl Shops

Busuanga is home to a number of pearl farms so before heading on home, do check out the pearl or jewelry shops and buy something to remember your trip by.  Nothing beats a pair of naturally-crafted saltwater pearls.

At the end of the day, if you just want a place to hideaway and enjoy moments of commune with nature, Busuanga should be on the top of your local tourist destination!